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Well, what can I say.  February is a month that runs between really cold and hope for warmer weather.  It looks like it is going to start out really cold; I hope it ends really warm.  I think there are around 48 days until Spring!!! 

Now, I like March 20th - the first day of spring -  for a couple of reasons.  One, it is the first day of spring, and second, it is the wedding anniversary of my oldest son and one of my niece's. 

I dislike March 20th because it gives me false hope of nice weather.  Isn't March the month with the most snowfall in Minnesota?  I think so.  But it is usually a warmer, wetter snow which melt rather fast.  However, I shouldn't be complaining.  We have really not had a whole lot of snow this winter, and the big storm (so far) came at the end of January rather than the first of December.

So onward into February.  February brings the "Triple Delight on the Crafty Old Prairie".  This is a mini quilt shop hop that offers a weekly 20% off sale for three weeks.  The name of the hop will make more sense as I add more details in a separate article below.

Sharon's 2018 Block of the Month class is in full swing after a successful Quilt Walk in January.  Over 40 quilts from the 2017 class were displayed in the Community Hall during the walk and we had our largest crowd ever viewing them.

Sharon has taken off for Texas to help her friends put their beach house back to order after the hurricane in Texas.  Her friends have the sheetrock back up and are ready for some help painting.  It will be tough to go on without her here at the shop for a couple of weeks, but we will press on  laughing!

After Sharon returns, I am taking off for a big circle drive to visit my husband's brother in Texas and some snowbird friends in AZ.  We should put a few thousand miles on the old car.

Karen and Lori are the mainstays at the shop this month although both are sort of busy also.  Karen is paitiently awaiting a new grandchild. (I am hoping it waits until the first part of March to make its appearance) and Lori is busy as the winter sports season winds down for her kids.

Take care, drive safe, think about the "Triple Delight on the Old Crafty Prairie" as you are wondering what to do in February besides flee south foot-in-mouth!

Becky and Old Alley Gang.