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October is one of our favorite months.  We get to change the flowers around the shop that need to be watered to baskets/planters of gourds and pumkins that do not need watering laughing!!  The only problem is that I have to pick the gourds and pumkins before we can decorate with them.  Actually there is another problem, with the very wet spring/summer we have had, the stuff I planted didn't do real well.  The pumpkins are very small, green, and few.  We have a bumper crop of gourds even if most of them are from volunter plants.  The ones I actually planted didn't do a whole lot better than the pumpkins.  I am sure though that once I start picking them, we will have enough for our planters and the planters on the main street of Sherburn as usual.

This continues to be a very crazy weather year.  I hope you all escaped the tornadoes and high winds of a few weeks ago.  As much property damage as was done, I have not heard of anyone being hurt which is very good.  The grove at my house took a 24 tree hit.  Thankfully, they all missed the house...came close, but we only lost a TV antenna.  When we finally get all of it cleaned up, I will be able to see the sun set in the west foot-in-mouth.  We haven't been able to do that for the 40 years we have lived there.

We have been working on new kits and samples at the shop.  Time to decorate for fall and Christmas!  Lori has been keeping up our facebook followers on what is going on at Old Alley.  We thank her for that!!!  If you are not a facebook follower of Old Alley, consider finding our page and "liking" us so you get her updates.

The end of the month we will be celebrating our 14th Anniversary!!!  On the 25th, 26th, and 27th of October, we will be going back to our roots with our annual "Bowling Pin" Sale.  Pick a junior bowling pin for 15, 20, or 25% off your purchases.

Unbelievable!  We thought if we lasted 10 years it would be great and now we are turning 14!!!  What a deal!!!

Happy Fall - the Old Alley Gang

Becky, Sharon, Karen, and Lori