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As the saying goes,  April showers bring May flowers.  In other words, as I write this it is raining,and I have hopes that flowers are on their way shortly.  Actually, some lilies and iris plants at the shop are starting to think it is time to come back to life.  I like this time of year.  The rain seems to clean the world a little, and grass, trees and flowers are starting to awaken.  It seems a little renewing or something like that laughing.

We just back from a golf trip to South Carolina.  The weather wasn't the warmest (but probably warmer than here),  but the flowering bushes were in full bloom.  It was absolutely breath taking.  It almost distracted me from a few rotten golf shots where I had to dig in the bushes to find the ball foot-in-mouth.

I also found out some interesting gardening things.  Their daffodils and tuilips, etc were all recently planted as annuals.  The bulbs don't get cold enough in the winter to reflower in the spring so they have to dig, put them in cold storage, and then replant them in the spring.  I sort of like Minnesota for the simple reason that I don't like to dig bulbs in the fall and replant them in the spring.  My theory is live and let live.  If it won't come up on its own in the spring, I probably won't plant it period.   I will put annuals in flower pots, but rarely in the ground.  You have to be tough in my garden world.

We are in the middle of the Country Roads Shop Hop.  It is fun to see returning hoppers. This is our 11th hop - we started in 2008 - so there are a lot of familar faces making the spring trek.  You still have Saturday to do the hop.  It is a small hop of six shops and can be done in one day if you are at a shop to start at 9 AM smile.

If you can't make Country Roads, remember Crossing Borders Shop Hop happens the last of the month!  The opportunities for inspiration are endless wink.

We will be waiting on the edge of our seats for you visit!  Have a good April!