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September !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2018 continues to march on or float on depending on where you live.   I started my August thoughts out with rainy ones, and so far this September I could do the same, five plus inches since September 1st in our area.  Oh, well, what you going to do?

It seems that September 1st sort of has a magic about it.  All of a sudden the trees start to loose some leaves, the apples turn red, the acorns and walnuts rain down, the golf ball starts to hide under leaves on the golf course, and there is a bit of nip to the air.   That all said, I like fall - at least the fall of September and October.  November can get a little ugly, but quite often it is great also.  In other words, I like sweatshirts.

At the shop, we are busy putting new samples and kits together.  We have had some great winter/fall themed fabric come in.  Every quilt shop sort of has its own look - if that be the right word - to it.  At the moment we are immersed in nature themed prints.  Might be somewhat my fault....I like owls, chickadees, trees, flowers, ..... in other words, flora and fauna.  Luckily, Sharon indulges my whims.  We also are starting to get in new Christmas fabric.  Time to start sewing now if your project is to be done in time for Christmas decorating  wink !

Our softbook expert, Karen, has added a couple new books to our collection.  Stop in to read them.  Lori is helping us with our facebook updates so you will probably see more pictures of our projects and new fabrics then my old mind was able to put out there. 

Sharon has a new Crazy Four Patch Shuffle sample in grey and yellows. Also stay tunned for new Joshua Prayer kits and  new Starburst Table Runner kits among other new projects in the works!

Thanks  to Lori's oldest for his help in giving the shop a hair cut .. looks a little bare now... but it will grow back in the spring -- hopefully.  I don't like heights so I am not much good on the ladder, but I make a good anchor foot-in-mouth!  He also gave our windows and shutters a fresh coat of paint!  Thanks!!!

Have a good September!

Becky, Sharon, Karen, Lori