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June Newsletter


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June Thoughts

Not to complain, but this has been an interesting spring - from snow, cold, rain, and now to heat and gnats!  I not complaining about the heat - cold weather is still too fresh in my mind - but the gnats.....  I tried to drink a cup of coffee on the deck this morning.  That lasted less than 10 seconds before the little buggers sent me in the house.  I found some bug spray and tried later to take care of some gardening chores.  The vanilla or lemon oil or whatever was in the spray seemed to help.  At least I got some plants watered and weeds killed without going totally nuts from the cloud of gnats around me.

This has been a fantastic spring up to this point if some of my perennial flowers are to be the judge.  The hostas and ferns are growing like crazy.  The lillies aren't far behind.  At least something likes all the water.  The only problem is that some of them needed to be divided and replanted, but the weather was so off and on, I didn't do it earlier when the survival rate of the transplants might have been better.  I guess, if I keep them watered, there may be hope.  It is amazing for all the rain I have had at our house, how dry things are starting to get...85 degrees doesn't hurt the drying out idea, but it is a little hard on newly transplated/planted flowers.  Actually, no complaints foot-in-mouth...I am able to be outside and some of new lakes in the area are starting to dry up so they can be planted!

On a sort of sad note, we would like to thank Mary Hart of the Wooden Thimble in Estherville for all her help over the years and offer our sincerest hope for her future endeavors.  If you haven't heard, the Wood Thimble is closing July 6th.  We truly appreciate all the help Mary has given us  - We have traveled with her for 12 years of the Country Roads Shop Hops plus other events.  Mary, Thanks for the ride!

Sharon got a little crazy this week.  If you stop by, you will find our "rusty" old yard art sewing machines are now sporting bright colors.  At least the color will stay all year instead of fading in and out with the seasons cool!

Looking ahead, the Row by Row Experience starts June 21st.  Stop in for a free row pattern!  Our Minnesota Shop Hop fabric has arrived and we are working hard at making projects to show case it.  I will keep you posted as to our progress laughing.

Please like us on facebook.  Lori posts new pictures of fabric and projects a few times a week which is more often than I seem to get them out on our email contact frown.

Have a great June!!

Becky, Sharon, Karen & Lori